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Date palm trees were prized for their multiple uses, not just as a source for the date fruit. Their trunks have been used as both support for tents and as the framework for more elaborate dwellings, whose walls and floors were created using woven palm tree leaf strips. Roofs were created either by using woven leaves or by binding whole palm branches with ropes created by trimmed stalks from the trees.

Many traditional items can also be created using various elements of the date palm tree. One of the most common uses of the date palm leaves is the creation of mats, baskets and even fans. This is done by using palm leaf strips that are soaked in water to ensure flexibility during the crafting period. Once dried, the strips retain their shape for a long time.

Branches of palm trees have even been used as part of small fishing boats. This is done through first soaking the branches before tying them together using the rope created from date palm tree stalks. Afterward, these stems are secured to wooden frames which are then combined into the boat form. Because the stems tend to absorb water, the boats can never be used for long-distance traveling.

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